New ELIXIR Toxicology Community

ELIXIR has established a new toxicology community to study the safety of chemicals and the negative consequences of the interactions of chemicals and living things.


Toxicological research is important because it provides information to regulatory agencies and decision-makers to …

Nadia (Dolomite Bio) launch

Yesterday we launched Nadia (Dolomite Bio) according to the scRNAseq protocol for plant protoplasts. Congratulations to employees and administrators of equipment at ELIXIR-SI Center in Maribor! Thanks to all the partners of the ELIXIR-SI consortium who followed the launch online.

Real start-up of NextSeq2000 (Illumina)

On 4 April 2022 and 5 April 2022, we performed a real start-up of NextSeq2000 (Illumina) equipment at the ELIXIR-SI Center Maribor. High-performance equipment in our laboratory will enable you to make great progress in the field of current omic …

Izobraževanje za delo na sekvenatorju Nanopore GridION

Spoštovani člani vozlišča ELIXIR Slovenija!

Vabimo vas na izobraževanje za delo na sekvenatorju Nanopore GridION, ki je del infrastrukture ELIXIR-SI. Oprema je dobavljena v okviru kohezijskega projekta ELIXIR-SI RI-SI-2.
Prva dva dneva (5. 10. in 7. 10.) sta dopoldan namenjena…