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ELIXIR is a collaborative effort that brings together Europe’s foremost life science institutions to manage and safeguard the ever-increasing amounts of data generated by publicly funded research. By coordinating, integrating, and sustaining bioinformatics resources across its member states, ELIXIR enables researchers in academia and industry to access crucial data, tools, standards, computational resources, and training services to advance their research.


ELIXIR’s mission is to provide a comprehensive and sustainable infrastructure for life science data management and analysis, facilitating the discovery of new knowledge and the development of innovative solutions to complex scientific challenges.

About us


ELIXIR is an inter-governmental organisation which builds on existing data resources and services within Europe. It follows a ‘Hub and Nodes‘ model, with a single Hub located alongside EMBL-EBI in Hinxton, Cambridge, UK and a growing number of Nodes located at centres of excellence throughout Europe. Governments and ministries of countries are members of the ELIXIR consortium, and the scientific community in each member country develops their national Node.


ELIXIR Slovenia

ELIXIR Slovenia (ELIXIR-SI) is a Slovenian node of ELIXIR coordinated by University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Medicine. ELIXIR-SI members are many other leading Slovenian research organizations. ELIXIR-SI is actively upgrading the existing and is establishing new infrastructure in the Slovenian research area through three pillars: (1) national infrastructure for obtaining high-density data with high-throughput laboratory technologies (genomic technologies), (2) a central national data node for life sciences and (3) center for education and training in life sciences (usage of bioinformatic tools, analysis and services). The research infrastructure upgrade is funded by European Regional Development Fund and by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports and is expected to be finished in mid 2021.

Our services

   Dry lab includes Data management, Data stewardship, Data archive, Cloud, Data science, Data analysis, Bioinformatics and HPC.


Wet lab includes Central Next Generation Sequencing laboratory, Laboratory for single cell analysis, other laboratories and research equipment.

Machine learning methods are drivers of change in life sciences and biomedicine. Yet, only a few biomedical professionals understand the basics of data science, and even fewer engage in building models using their data.

Our other services include computation modelling and simulation, generation of -omics data, next-generation sequencing (NGS), DNA-microarrays and theoretical simulation.

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ELIXIR Slovenia

University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Medicine
Vrazov trg 2
1000 Ljubljana

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EGa and ENA logos

An important source of data for COVID-19 research is also data collected through EGA (European Genome-phenome Archive) and ENA (European Nucleotide Archive) services.
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