ELIXIR Europe celebrates 10th anniversary

ELIXIR, the European data infrastructure for life sciences, celebrated its tenth anniversary this month. The infrastructure was established on December 18, 2013, following the ratification of the ELIXIR Consortium Agreement by five countries and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL). …

ELIXIR releases 2022 Annual Report

The ELIXIR Annual Report for 2022 has been released, featuring the significant accomplishments of more than 800 experts from 22 ELIXIR Nodes, including ELIXIR-SI. This report showcases the advancements made towards the strategic objectives outlined in the Scientific Programme for …

Acknowledgement text

The research was done using the Research infrastructure ELIXIR-SI (https://elixir-slovenia.org), funded by the European Regional Development Fund, the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports and by the Slovenian Research and Innovation Agency.

Workshop on Systems Biology Tools, June 14, 2022



ELIXIR-SI Community for Systems Biology on Tuesday 14.6. at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science organizes a workshop on tools of systems biology developed in recent years by Slovenian researchers: from the development of knowledge bases on …

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