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  • for the use of bioinformatics tools and services

Data Science for Everyone

Machine learning methods are drivers of change in life sciences and biomedicine. Yet, only a few biomedical professionals understand the basics of data science, and even fewer engage in building models using their data.


We have designed a set of hands-on courses for biomedical professionals to gain intuition about data science and to recognize opportunities that this field can offer and actively engage in data science projects.


Classes focus on data visualization and machine learning and teach data science through practical data analysis using visual programming and design of workflows, and can cover an introduction to data science, topics from machine learning, text mining, image analytics, and single-cell genomics. No prior knowledge about programming or computer science is required.


All courses are hands-on, no boring PowerPoints!


Leaders: UL-FRI

Link to service: Data Science for Everyone

ELIXIR-SI eLearning Platform (EeLP)


ELIXIR-SI expands and enriches collection of tools and services in dry and wet lab and in collaboration with other (inter)national ELIXIR partners.

The ELIXIR-SI e-learning team leads e-learning activity within ELIXIR Training platform:

  • Developing of ELIXIR-SI eLearning Platform (EeLP) with highly recognized ELIXIR courses in last years:
    1. Unix/Linux tutorial for beginners (in several repetitions);
    2. ELIXIR-EXCELERATE HPC Train-the-Researcher course;
    3. Genome Assembly and Annotation (in several repetitions).
    4. Data management / data stewardship (in several repetitions).
  • Developing of high quality e-learning-based training courses in collaboration with other ELIXIR nodes and RD-Connect in the area of Rare Diseases.
  • Developing connection of Cloud and HPC with EeLP.
  • Linux terminal embedded in EeLP is now routinely used in ELIXIR e-learning courses.
  • Containerised Galaxy servers for students’ training (we initiated Galaxy for training in Slovenia), metagenomics and genome assembly and annotation support.

Leaders: UL-MF
Link to service: EeLP

Lifelong Platform

ELIXIR-SI is partnering also in external activities that are not fully part of ELIXIR-SI, like  co-organizing different workshops and symposia in different fields of life sciences, e.g. systems medicine and beyond. For such events and activities, Lifelong website was established that is run by e-learning team of ELIXIR-SI.


Leaders: UL-MF

Link to service: Lifelong

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