Other services

Other services include Computation modelling and simulation and Network Infrastructure Centre.

Computation modelling and simulation

Computational biology group from UL-FRI is focused on computational approaches in systems medicine, systems biology and synthetic biology.

These include different aspects of modelling and computational design of biological systems, especially in the context of their dynamical response.

Their focus has been recently directed towards accurate quantitative modelling and analysis of metabolic and gene regulatory networks and towards the computational design of synthetic biological systems.


Leaders: UL-FRI

Network Infrastructure Centre

Network Infrastructure Centre contributes to the national network operator group’s coordination team, national supercomputing and distributed computing infrastructure development, national certification agency for science and research in the domain of computational linguistics. Arnes is national coordinator for Geant, EGI and PRACE infrastructures.


The Cloud, HPC, Grid, AAI and connected infrastructure is available to the ELIXIR national and international partners through partnership in SLING.


Leaders: ARNES, IJS, UL-MF

Other services

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