ELIXIR Unveils ELIXIR-STEERS, to Boost Research Software Management in Life Sciences

ELIXIR has officially launched the three-year, €4 million ELIXIR-STEERS project, in collaboration with 36 institutes across 23 countries, including EMBL-EBI. This EU-funded initiative aims to improve large-scale, cross-border federated analysis in the life sciences within the European Research Area.


ELIXIR-STEERS addresses the crucial yet often overlooked need for effective software and workflow management, essential for reproducible and efficient life science data analysis. The project strives to minimize duplication, reduce energy consumption, and lower the carbon footprint, especially in resource-intensive applications like AI.


The project aims to enhance Europe’s position in global research, promote environmental sustainability in computational practices, and foster international collaboration.


Read more on ELIXIR Europe webpage.

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