With the infrastructure project ELIXIR-SI RI-SI-2, we will upgrade the existing and establish a new research infrastructure in the field of life sciences in Slovenia.

The state-of-the-art infrastructure will connect researchers and enable easier exchange and storage of data in the Slovenian research area through three pillars:

  1. national infrastructure for obtaining high-density data with high-throughput laboratory technologies (genomic technologies),
  2. a central national data node for life sciences and
  3. center for education and training in life sciences (usage of bioinformatic tools, analysis and services).

With this project, the Slovenian ELIXIR node will contribute to the improvement of individual’s health and to the entire society, for example in the areas of:

  • personal human medicine,
  • managing epidemics (also COVID-19),
  • personal veterinary medicine,
  • systems biology and medicine,
  • digitization and robotization of agriculture,
  • improving plant varieties and developing new approaches to plant disease detection,
  • improving biotechnological processes in food.